Sleep out

If like me you’re lagging a bit with end of the week tiredness, spare a thought for Elmwood’s Joslyn Tinker, who is working away in the consultancy’s London office today despite sleeping rough last night in London’s Spitalfields market.

It wasn’t just Tinker who spent the night in the cold open market, but over 400 supporters, including actress Lisa Maxwell and dj Sara Cox, who were helping to raise money for homelessness charity Centrepoint.

Centrepoint's supporter tuck into their cardboard sleeping bags
Centrepoint’s supporters tuck into their cardboard sleeping bags

The charity, which is based in the same neighbourhood as Elmwood, works with young homeless people to not only provide them with somewhere safe to stay but help them address the issues underlying their homelessness with counselling, medical care and long-term support. The young people are mentored by the charity until they are 25 and so are given help to build back their lives rather than just short-term respite.

More than 400 people bedded down in Spitalfields market last night, and were entertained with speeches from celebrity supporters and a set from Dan Gillespie of The Feeling before they tucked into cardboard boxes and sleeping bags.

Despite the cold night, Tinker says that spirits were high. She adds, ‘We were comfortable because we were prepared, not like a teenager fleeing an abusive home.’

‘Half of the problem is not just the drain of being in the elements but even when you find somewhere warm to sleep you can’t rest because you’re worried about your security, people stealing your bag or shoes.’

The supporters also listened to young people the charity has helped in the past talk about their experiences and the difference the Centrepoint has made to them.

If you’ve been inspired, as the DW team has, by last night’s sleep out, support Centrepoint’s work by visiting Tinkers Just Giving page here.

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