Slice Design repackages Picnic and Starbar for Cadbury

Slice Design has created new packaging for Cadbury chocolate bars Picnic and Starbar.

The consultancy was appointed in October 2009 following other packaging design work it executed for Cadbury, including Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Curly Wurly and Fudge.

Slice was briefed to create packaging for Picnic that would improve its relevance within the market and reawaken consumer relationships with the bar.

The new packaging features a fresh logotype and holding shape.

Slice creative director Alan Gilbody says, ‘I think this is a strong evolution. It’s always a challenge to move an old favourite on without alienating loyal consumers, but through close attention to detail we’ve managed to dial up the elements that will improve Picnic’s shout and communication on shelf.’

For the Starbar packaging, Slice created a logo using a new letterform inspired by retro gaming machines, which aimed to maintain Starbar’s distinctive quirkiness but improve standout on shelf, says Gilbody.

He adds, ‘Starbar was always my favourite growing up as a kid in the 1980s. For me that time was all about classic arcade games and space shows on TV. We wanted to capture the retro feel and spirit of this in the new pack.’

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