Someone creates branding for new ‘charity box’ programme Pennies

Someone has created the branding for new charity Pennies, which aims to be ’the modern equivalent of the cash charity box’.

The initiative will allow people to donate spare pennies to charities in online or card payments, by rounding up the amount they pay to the nearest pound. For example, if a customer buys goods worth £9.95, they can round the amount up to £10, with 5p going to charity.

The Pennies scheme is set to launch on 8 November, with initial partner retailer Domino’s Pizza. Customers of the chain will be able to donate money when they place orders online. A second online retailer is set to follow before Christmas, before the project rolls out to chip-and-pin purchases in store.

Someone initially started working with the Pennies Foundation, which is establishing the Pennies brand, following a recommendation around two years ago. After working with the charity on strategy, the consultancy was tasked earlier this year with developing an identity for Pennies which could be used at chip-and-pin machines and by online retailers.

Gary Holt, co-founder at Someone, says the brand had to appeal to ’retailers, charities and the consumer.’ He adds, ’You can dial it up at point-of-purchase or dial it down in a charity context.’ Alison Hutchinson, chief executive of the Pennies Foundation, says, ’It had to be a simple, transparent approach… Clarity and simplicity are at the heart of the Pennies proposition.’

The identity features a hand, with a coin, pressing a green button. Holt, who worked on the project with lead designer Therese Severinsen, says, ’The identity is a call to action, to feel the tingle in your finger when you press “yes” to give a few pennies.’

Holt adds, ’The “pointing finger” is at the heart of the identity. From promotional products demonstrating how Pennies works, to subtle till nods to how to press yes to donate your pennies.’

The Pennies Foundation

  • The Pennies Foundation is a registered charity and all money donated will be distributed to a range of UK charities. The charities supported will be visible to the public before the press ’yes’ to donate
  • The supported charities include Shelter, Carers UK and NSPCC

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