Surreal cells

Octopuses smoking cigars, yogic ostriches, men with ’magpie vision’, Fez-sporting elephants and electric eel vindaloo are just a few of the wonders that are to be found in Solipsistic Pop 3.

And when we say just a few, we really mean that. In fact, this whole blog could be taken up with the weird, wonderful, frightening, endearing characters and scenarios in this little paper gem. 

Solipsistic Pop 3 cover

In fact, I’m partly surprised this blog has even been written: it was practically impossible to tear ourselves away from the ‘hoowwwlls’, ‘zzeer thunks’ and ‘zdings’ for long enough to actually attempt to try write about these 80 pages of 2D brilliance.

Solipsistic Pop is a biannual anthology edited and designed by Tom Humberstone, which aims to  highlight the best in alternative comic art from the UK. Comic artists old and new are encouraged to contribute to the book, giving it a very unique feel, and providing a platform for unpublished artists to gain the exposure they deserve.

by David O’Connell
by David O’Connell

This edition, of which there will only be 500 copies, sees 30 original and exclusive stories from comic artists including Adam Cadwell, David O’Connell, Anna Saunders, Joe Decie, Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Rob Davis, among many others. 

The cover artwork is by Marc Ellerby, while Sarah Gordon designed the Solipsistic Pop logo.

by Rob Davis

Solipsistic Pop 3 has been designed with an ‘all-ages’ feel, taking its visual cues from DC Thomson comics, such as the Beano and Dandy.

To encourage youngsters to get creative and even make a comic of their own, each of the comics comes with a free pencil, as well as a poster and sticker set in a nostalgic nod back to Panini sticker albums.


Now, if you’ll excuse us, there’s a tiger wearing a cravat in a pub, who we really must get back to.


by Decie
by Joe Decie

Solipsistic Pop 3 is published by Solipsistic Pop Books, priced at £12 from The launch party for Solipsistic Pop 3 is on Friday, 12 November at 8pm at the Black Heart pub in Camden, NW1.

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