Allies creates packaging and graphics for food store The Hungry Guest

Allies has created packaging and interior graphics for The Hungry Guest, an artisan food store based in Petworth, Sussex.

The consultancy was appointed to the project in September, having been approached directly by the client. Allies has previously worked with some of the store’s suppliers, such as Brindisa Spanish food specialist and La Fromagerie cheeses.

The Hungry Guest logo was designed by Giovanna Ticciati, who also created the interiors alongside architect Dublanc Studios.

The project saw Allies design all own-label packaging, including ready meals, sauces condiments, confectionary and dry goods; as well as display boards; recipe cards and interior graphics.

Elaine Mitchell, Allies senior designer, says, ‘For the packaging they needed a really flexible system. They have own-label printers in the kitchen so they needed something they could print over the top of. It’s all very pure and handmade, so everything needed to convey the purity of the products.’

Hungry Guest ready meals
Hungry Guest ready meals

Allies changed the colour palette from white and red to cream and red. Mitchell says, ‘We wanted something clean looking with simple typefaces.’

The typographical design aims to present ingredients clearly, with ready-meal categories differentiated from one another using ‘simple iconography’, with a separate coloured icon for fish, vegetable, meat and desserts.

display board
Display board

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