Annual report

Outgoing D&AD president Sanky carried out his final presidential duty last night by launching the 2011 D&AD annual.


Sanky was joined by annual designers Nat Hunter and Harry Pearce to unveil the book, which D&AD claims is its most sustainable yet – with a carbon footprint 82 per cent less than the 2010 edition.


Lightweight 100 per cent recycled paper was sourced from Austria and driven to Italy for binding and printing – while vegetable inks and 100 per cent recycled board were also used in the book’s production.

Other touches like thumbcuts instead of chapter dividers in the members’ version saved more weight, leading to a smaller freight load and a lower carbon footprint.


The result is an annual that weighs 1kg less than the previous year, but still features all the content you would expect from the book. Pearce’s cover design, meanwhile, ties it to D&AD tradition by paying homage to the Fletcher Forbes Gill D&AD logo.


The launch was held at D&AD’s future offices in Hanbury Street, east London, which the organisation is set to move into shortly, leaving its current home in Vauxhall.

A Nigel Holmes-designed infogram charting the development of the annual featured on the walls of the venue, alongside projections and stalls.


In his speech, Sanky said that when he explained the idea for a sustainable annual to incoming D&AD president Rosie Arnold she went very silent, before remarking that she had been thinking along the exact same lines.

D&AD’s sustainability mission, we expect, will continue.

The 2011 D&AD Annual is available from

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