eBay to open pop-up store in London

Online auction site eBay is opening a Christmas pop-up retail store in London’s Soho next week, with interiors and experiential elements designed by consultancy Push UK.

Push UK was appointed without a pitch having worked with eBay on previous projects, such as press events. The consultancy is the ‘live arm’ of eBay’s communications company Shine.

eBay logo
eBay logo

The space, which measures about 120m2, will feature only ‘buy it now’ products, which customers can purchase by scanning QR codes in the store using their smartphones.

Dan Stanton, director of Push UK says, ‘The store is very much driven by eBay. It’s their first live retail experience so they wanted something that reflects the brand but that’s also very Christmassy.’

Stanton says the store will be split into different ‘zones’, with all the products, including the furniture, available to buy.  The products will be divided into ‘him’, ‘her’ and ‘family’, with a separate ‘welcome area’ and a ‘comfortable, minimal’ browsing area where visitors can use iPads to make purchases.

‘eBay wanted something very festive, but we had to execute that in a stylish and dynamic way’, says Stanton. ‘The left-hand window is full of clear Perspex tubes and jars which contain baubles in the eBay colours. On the right-hand window it looks like an explosion of baubles where they’re all piled up and rolling along.’

The store will be open for five days from 1 – 5 December.

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  • Philip Cohen November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    eBay opens a B&M in London—too funny …

    Study Sees PayPal Adoption Down Among Multi-Channel Merchants

    “Twenty-two percent of EPIS merchants who had accepted PayPal on their own websites and off-eBay stores in October 2010 stopped accepting PayPal as a payment method on those sites in October 2011.

    “There were 19% more merchants who accepted credit cards on their own websites and stores in October 2011 than in October 2010.”


    And Visa’s “V.me” is on the way, too. Halleluiah, there will be a better life for all after the clunky PreyPal finally sinks to the bottom of the ocean, along with its ugly mother, the rusting old hulk “eBay”. (I’m wondering, which one do you think will hit the sandy bottom first?)

    “Visa launches PayPal competitor V.me with developer community to back it up”


    All the details of the coming PreyPal killer on the V.me site at: https://www.v.me/

    Goodnight clunky PreyPal, your days—at least outside of whatever will ultimately be left of the Donahoe-devastated eBay Marketplace—are finally numbered …

    Generally speaking, the card companies are simply transaction aggregators for their partner banks, and Visa’s V.me is simply a more sophisticated extension of their existing service designed to better suit online activity: you will be able to pay with any major credit/debit card, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

    Ultimately V.me may not be any cheaper for merchants than PreyPal for “on-credit” purchases but they at least conduct their transaction processing directly with the payer bank concerned (you’ll get an immediate, firm acceptance or rejection of the transaction as you do with an online card transaction—no clunky PreyPal surprise reversal the following day after you have already dispatched the goods), and, if something does go wrong, the system offers a professional transaction mediation process for on-credit transactions. …

    Enron / eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.

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