Good Press

Glasgow based Good Press is an independent gallery and bookshop, newly set up, just last month, in the back of a cafe.

From here global ‘zines, books and printed materials are being brought together for its second exhibition Communicate and Circulate.


At the moment Good Press runs on a subsistence level, bringing together visual art and contemporary illustration,  while next door the bookshop brings together zines and printed material from self-publishers. 


Good Press founder Matthew Walkerdine also runs indi publisher Museum Press and with cottage industry industriousness has gathered together resources from other independent publishing houses including Nieves of Switzerland, Bongout from Germany, Australia’s Smalltime Books and Crummy House from the US.


UK publishers include Catalogue Library, Cafe Royal and Victor and Hester, plus there is work by individuals. 

Some titles have been specially commissioned, some are ‘out-of stock everywhere else, but still for sale here,’ then there are posters, new releases and original works says Walkerdine.


 ‘We want to acknowledge that independent ‘zine publishing can be exhibited and seen in a gallery environment by showing how these people are really going to great lengths to create detailed, considered high quality titles which are still affordable.’

Communicate and Circulate runs from 10 Nov-10 Dec at the Good Press gallery, Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow, G1

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