H&M to launch standalone Cheap Monday and Monki stores in UK

H&M-owned Swedish fashion brands Cheap Monday and Monki are to launch their first stand-alone UK stores in London, with Cheap Monday’s interiors designed by Uglycute and Monki’s designed by its in-house team.

The stores are set to open on London’s Carnaby Street next February.

Monki in-store carousel

Cheap Monday currently operates a flagship store in Copenhagen, designed by Swedish architecture and design consultancy Uglycute in 2009. The consultancy also designed the Cheap Monday Stockholm offices last year.

The Cheap Monday concessions in Selfridges in London, Birmingham and Manchester use the design concepts created for the Copenhagen branch, which will also be modified for the Carnaby Street standalone store.

Jonas Nobel, Uglycute designer, says, ‘We are mimicking the concept from Copenhagen with not having much done with the walls and ceilings, and keeping it quite raw.’

The Cheap Monday store will feature parquet flooring and retain the building’s raw concrete and galvanised metal in the ceiling. Uglycute has also designed the store’s furniture, which uses galvanised steel and particle board, in a similar style to that which it created for the Copenhagen branch.

Nobel adds, ‘We’re keeping the store really simple with the materials and colours, and there’s a logt a lot of light fixtures. There will be a big golden pyramid shape over the stairs.’

The two-storey, 300 m2 London branch will be situated in a new building next to the first UK store for Monki, another H&M-owned fashion brand, which will have interiors by in-house designers Catherina Frankander, Joel Degermark and Sarah Otley.

Frankander says the Carnaby Street store will feature Monki’s underwater theme – the sea of scallops – which has also been used in the Stockholm store (pictured).

Both stores are due to open in February 2012.

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  • Jenny C November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Monki’s interior is amazing. Would have liked to hear their thoughts on Carnaby Street too!

  • Adam Kahan November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    shame theres no weekday store

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