RSA director of design Emily Campbell to join academies group

Emily Campbell, director of design at the Royal Society for Arts, is set to join the Creative Education Trust, a group which runs academies.


Campbell is set to take up her new role as director of programmes for the CET on 15 November and will be responsible for drawing up the design programme for academies in the group.

She says, ‘We will be drawing up something that will replace the National Curriculum for design and technology [for these academies]. I hope we will create a better example of how design can be taught.’

She adds, ‘[This] leads quite logically from the work I’ve done at the RSA, which has essentially been about arguing for better design for everyone, including people who have no likelihood or intention of becoming professional designers’

The new design programme will be up and running by September 2012.

Campbell says that academies in the group ‘will have an explicit curricular focus on design – engineering, construction, manufacture and product development.’ She says the CET currently runs two academies in South Staffordshire, with more set to join.

Cambell, formerly head of design and architecture at the British Council, joined the RSA in 2008. The RSA says it is currently creating a shortlist as it looks to replace her.

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