Tangerine redesigns Asiana aircraft interiors

Tangerine has been appointed by South Korean airline Asiana to review the offer and designs of its first class, business class and travel cabins for its new fleet of A380 aircraft.

The consultancy was appointed to the project in July this year, having been invited by the airline to present a proposal on the strength of previous work and due to its Seoul office’s proximity to the client.

Design teams at Tangerine’s offices in London and Seoul are working on the project.

Martin Darbyshire, Tangerine managing director, says, ‘Their brand is unusual in the sense that whilst they’re based in Asia, their identity’s slightly Eurasian.’

He adds, ‘They are quite a friendly, open business and so wanted to capture that spirit.’

The fleet will feature customised bathrooms and a bar lounge in the first class cabins, as well as another lounge area shared between first class and business.

The interiors will use the current branding colours – ‘yellowy gold’ for first class; blue for business class and red for economy, though Tangerine hopes to modify the palette for the new fleet.

Darbyshire says, ‘We’re exploring how far we can go with the colour palette – it won’t be a substantial change but we’re exploring an evolution. We’re trying to introduce new elements and materials where we can.’

It is hoped the fleet will launch in mid 2014.

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