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The sinful and the artistic frequently go hand in hand, as shown in the Peccadilloes exhibition opening today in West London’s Doyle Devere Gallery.

The show features neon sign art pieces by ’playwright’ and, er,  ‘free-Spirited British Socialite’ Amanda Eliasch , which are based on cartoons of her drawn by her pal Kay Saatchi.  Each piece represents a deadly sin – wrath, envy, sloth, greed, lust, pride, and gluttony – illuminated in all their naughty glory.


The State of Amazonas, Brazil. 2009

Amazon is an exhibition of stunning photography by Sebastião Salgado and Per-Anders Pettersson, held to raise funds for Sky Rainforest Rescue. The beautiful images – all of which are previously unseen – aim to highlight the plight of the Amazonian rainforest and those who live there. The show will be on at East Wing Galleries, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2 until 4 December.

Art and Dance

From sin, to plight to performance, form this evening until 13 November the Oxo Tower bargehouse will be hosting The Siobhan Davies Commissions – a series of performances from dancers working alongside visual artists, showcasing Davies’ continued explorations of the dialogue between artforms.

Oxo Tower Wharf walkways,  Peter Durant
Oxo Tower Wharf walkways, Peter Durant

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