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Blessed Verging

Dave Anderson's Blessed Verging
Dave Anderson’s Blessed Verging

Brilliantly witty illustrator and all-round funnyman Dave Anderson has made this wonderful Blessed Verging print, which will be sold at the Lazarides Gallery in London’s Rathbone Place. His equally hilarious illustrations for Liberty, which he created earlier this year, can be seen here

Golden Wonders

Lomography Diana F+ Gold Edition
Lomography Diana F+ Gold Edition

Analogue camera wizards Lomography have launched some super-blinging golden special editions of their best loved cameras – the Diana F+, Diana Mini and Fisheye 2. You can get your sparkle-hungry paws on them here

Paper Penguins

Denis the paper penguin
Denis the paper penguin

Back in 1999, Cardiff-based artist and designer Guy Wooles embarked his mission to create paper penguins to send around the world, and 11 years on, his determination to colonise the world with the little beasties is ramping up a notch.

Wooles says, ‘The strongest issue seems to be one of communication. Each penguin is made of text and stories; each penguin is sent by post; each penguin is received by another person; the other person contacts me and a dialogue is established.’

Wooles has launched a new website detailing the project here

Waiting for the Cue

Katie Cuddon's artwork
Katie Cuddon’s artwork

Opening today at Covent Garden’s Simon Oldfield Gallery is artist Katie Cuddon’s solo show Waiting for the Cue, an array of clay sculpture, bronze works and drawings representing the psychological conditions of the human body

The exhibition runs until 22 December at Simon Oldfield Gallery, 9 Henrietta Street, London WC2E

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