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Elsie Magazine

Elsie covers
Elsie covers

Issue one of Elsie Magazine, the work of designer Les Jones, is a curious and quite delightful publication. Printed with a limited run of 1000 copies, each copy is highly personalised, with each cover featuring a differing cut-out-and-stuck-on images and sticky gold stars.

Leaf through the pages, and a shower of bespoke treats falls out, including vintage postcards, limited-edition prints and colouring-in pictures from old children’s books. Articles are based on the random, so there’s a collection of pictures of skips and a feature documenting a trip to a randomly-chosen town in Poland.

Issue one features a number of ways in which readers can create their own random works – such as instructions to create a digital image based on an individually chosen Google image keyword (mine was ‘hopeful’) and a blank postcard to draw on and send back to Elsie.

Issue two, which is set to launch next Spring – will be a collection of these submissions – we can’t wait to see it. More info at


If your child is already fashioning iconic homeware and puffing on cigars for breakfast, then next Sunday they’ll be in for a treat at the Design Museum’s Terence Conran -inspired family workshop. Mini-Terences will be encouraged to draw inspiration from Conran’s interiors to make a little interior model of heir own to take home.


Mini-Worlds takes places on 
Sunday 20 November, from 2 – 4.30pm
. Click here for more information


Maksymilian Novak Zemplinski, Cyklu Spatium
Maksymilian Novak Zemplinski, Cyklu Spatium

Poland is perhaps not a country particularly associated with its art and design output. However, an exhibition opening today in London’s St James may well change that, showcasing contemporary Polish painting, photography and fashion. The exhibition, entitled someBody@somePLace, will feature apocalyptic paintings by Maksymilian Novak-Zemplinski, works from Elin Jörd, and photographs by Roksana Ciurysek-Gedir, who is also co-founder of the show alongside Adam Maciejewski.

Maksymilian Novak Zemplinski
Maksymilian Novak Zemplinski

someBody@somePLace runs form 11 – 17 November at 88 St James’s Street London SW1A

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