To The Point refreshes Physiological Society branding

To The Point has completed a brand refresh project for the Physiological Society, developing its visual identity and applying it across all touchpoints.


The society was rebranded in 2006, but To The Point account manager Penny Davies says this identity wasn’t being consistently applied, and the society’s touchpoints ‘lacked consistency and a strong visual identity’.

She adds, ‘As part of the brief we were advised that the society was not looking for a complete overhaul of the branding, but more of a refresh/evolution.

‘This was because the existing logo was firmly established among the scientific community and, given the economy, the society didn’t want to be seen to be spending frivolously on design.’

The refereshed logo, like the previous one, is based on a visual representation of an ‘action potential’ – the electrical impulse in a nerve cell.

To The Point has developed a logo with a navy and cyan colour palette and using five waves, which it says is ‘cleaner and more accessible’ than the previous identity.

The consultancy has also created a set of brand guidelines to outline the identity’s application across printed and digital materials, including brochures, stationery and a website.

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