Voxpop – If you could create a robot to do anything, what would it do?

This week is European Robotics Week. If you could create a robot to perrform any one task, what would that task be and why?

James Webb

‘As a collector of all the early 1980s robot toys I broke playing with as a child it’s interesting to see how many of these ‘toys’ are now in general everyday use. My voice command robot, mapping robot and vacuum cleaner robot are all pretty much standard everyday items now. What I really need is a handy man robot to put up the blind that’s sat next to my desk in the studio so I can see my screen in the low winter sunshine.’

James Webb, designer, Webb & Webb Design

Aporva Baxi

‘Maybe it’s because we are working on a project that deals with a new kind of recycling – but a sleek, discreet robot that would love to eat any trash – compress, filter, clean, process and reform it into new products. Linked wirelessly with an app you can select from a range of beautifully designed everyday objects. All dispensed without fuss, without sound and within seconds. The ultimate Matter Regenerator. MR-Bot.’

Aporva Baxi, co-founder, Dixon Baxi

Phil Dolman

‘I would get a robot to do all my time wasting such as slumping on the sofa, drinking a beer and watching re-runs of Top Gear. This would allow me to do important things: learn a foreign language, practice a musical instrument, paint in oils or take exercise. My fear is that the robot will be smarter, more artistic and fitter than me so I might have to delegate it these worthy activities and continue my slothful sofa surfing.’

Phil Dolman, director, Studio DB

Simon Forster

‘If I could create a robot to perform a task, it would have to be to eat. This is simply because no robots I know of have had a healthy appetite and I would like an answer when someone first hears the name of our agency and asks, “So what do robots eat?” I know the question is in regard to any one task, but it would be helpful if my hungry robot could also deal with clients, find the best up-and-coming talented designers, submit online VAT returns and help us move into our new studios in Leeds.’

Simon Forster, creative director, Robot Food

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