Wolff Olins brands NBC Universal environmental initiative

Wolff Olins has created the branding and supporting graphics for Green is Universal, the environmental initiative from US broadcasting giant NBC Universal.

Icon group

NBC Universal says the initiative ‘focuses on bringing an environmental perspective to everything we do, informing and entertaining our audiences while incorporating more sustainable practices into our own operations’.

Wolff Olins says it has brought the peacock feather, which is used in the NBC identity, into the branding and graphics.

Green is Universal logo

The consultancy says, ‘Inspired by woodblock printing and stamping, the new graphics evoke a natural, handmade quality that marks a strong departure from the clean, corporate style of the Green is Universal branding.’

Graphic icons developed as part of the package – which can be used together or in isolation – include a lightbulb, a tree and a wifi signal.

The branding is highlighted during Green Week, which runs during November, and Earth Week, which runs during April, as well as on the website www.greenisuniversal.com.

Wolff Olins also worked on identities for the three other brands within NBC Universal’s Integrated Media group: Healthy at NBCU, Women at NBCU and Hispanics at NBCU.

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