Bulletproof gives Ritz new look

Bulletproof has given Ritz crackers a new look by refreshing the brand’s identity and redesigning its packaging.


The consultancy was appointed in January by Mondeléz International, which owns Ritz, and was asked to overhaul the European portfolio of the cracker.

Bulletproof looked at the history of the brand, its current equities and new product developments in the pipeline. There are currently three variants – Ritz Core Original, Ritz Core Cheese, and Ritz Minis Original.

Ritz Cheese flavour

The consultancy says this gave ‘great insight into the product dynamics and visual equities, as well as the inherent nostalgia surrounding this iconic brand.’

The design solution considers ‘different brand perception and consumption rituals’ across the European market with a ‘harmonised portfolio that engages on a simple yet iconic level, while staying true to the Ritz heritage.’

Ritz portfolio

The simple design uses large product shots of the cracker ‘to drive taste appeal’ and Bulletproof says, ‘We were massively inspired by some of the very early designs from the 1950s.’

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  • David Wilson November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Ahhh… the own brand shelf blocking route! A design that looks OK in blocks of three (but where do you see that?) and not so OK on its own…

    Its also misleading, as the crackers are super-sized – are there Jumbo Ritz in the box?

    The dead space top and bottom really jarrs. Its all too easy to polish the logo, get it as big as possible, front and centre and worry about the rest later.

    The designers say that they were massively inspired by the designs from the 50’s – but I’m pretty sure they weren’t able to apply the photoshop gloss back then.

    Perhaps the designers should have took their inspiration from some of the great limited edition summer Ritz and Oreo packs done for the US back in 2009…

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