DesignForOne Phillippines fundraiser

The devastating impact of Typhoon Haiyan on the Philippines has left many people in desperate need of food, clean water and shelter.

By Neil Copland
By Neil Copland

It has spurred a group of designers into forming DesignForOne, a charitable venture which will see original pieces created and raffled to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee.

By Patrick Fry

Co-founder of DesignForOne Niccy Kemp says that designers have been asked to address ‘the theme of “one”, our global community coming together to help one another.’

Limited edition prints are being produced, and everyone who donates a minimum of £10 will be automatically entered into a raffle to win one.

By 1977 Design

DesignForOne will in time help the victims of other disasters in the same way and Kemp says, ‘Every time a disaster happens somewhere in the world we ask ourselves, what can we do? And rather than just giving a little cash here and there, we decided to create a platform, from which we can use our collective talent to raise much more money and help save lives.’

By Claire Powell

You can see the posters here and donate here

If you want to donate a design get in touch here

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