Eat your words

Four imaginative creatives have taken the rather complex Monomyth concept, and simplified it through the unusual media of edible pasta typography.

'Initiation' pasta
‘Initiation’ pasta

Art director Andrew Stellitano, design duo Sawdust (Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton) and photographer Dominic Davies have been busy working on the Monomyth Typographic Pasta project, resulting in a rather high-brow take on Alphabetti Spaghetti.

Making the pasta letters
Making the pasta letters

The project looks to typographically depict the ideas of Joseph Campbell¹s Monomyth, or The Hero’s Journey.

'Depart' pasta letters
‘Depart’ pasta letters

Campbell, an American writer who was a fan of the notoriously tricky books of James Joyce, proposed that the monomyth pattern (a term taken from Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake) that follows a hero’s venture from ‘the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder’ is echoed in numerous religious and mythical narratives around the world.

Lining up the letters
Lining up the letters

Down to its most basic level, the pattern can be split into three main sections – Departure, Initiation and Return.

'Departure' in pasta
‘Departure’ in pasta

As such, Sawdust set about forming these three words typographically, creating pasta shapes in the new Lunetta typeface that were then laser cut and photographed by Davies.

Lunetta typeface
Lunetta typeface

Sawdust co-founder Jonathan Quainton says, ‘The typeface’s angular structure is defined by (but not limited to) a continuous and sometimes curvaceous geometric line, which allows the letterforms to be freestanding once laser cut from pasta’.

Lunetta typeface digits.
Lunetta typeface digits.

Sawdust’s previous projects include typographic illustrations for Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel in east London. 

'Return' in pasta
‘Return’ in pasta

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