JDO creates torsion-themed new look for Harp Lager

JDO has created a new look for Irish beer brand Harp Lager.

Harp fount
Harp fount

Harp is owned by Diageo Ireland, and is created at the Guinness brewery.

JDO was brought in to create a new look that aims to increase the brand’s relevance to consumers in Northern Ireland, while retaining the brand’s heritage.

Harp range
Harp range

Fiona Florence, client business director at JDO, says, ‘We needed to breathe life back into the Harp brand and give it some depth, personality and integrity.  It’s well loved and has a strong place in the hearts and minds of Northern Ireland’s consumers…we just needed to give consumers a reason to believe in the brand.’

The harp marque has been redrawn centred on a ‘torsion’ (twisted) theme inspired by the Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin according to JDO, showing taut strings on a harp that look to give an ‘irreverent’ yet ‘sharp’ feel.

Harp glasses
Harp glasses

Chrome was introduced to the blue colour palette to further reinforce the engineering idea; while the inclusion of the master brewer signature looks to increase a sense of credibility.

JDO says, ‘Harp has always been perceived as rough and rugged – a beer for the people.  The new look Harp retains all this masculinity yet now delivers it with an underlying subtle strength, not brashness’.

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