The Art of Getting Started

The fear of the blank page will be a familiar one to most creatives, and certainly is to illustrator Lee Crutchley.

Getting Started

‘For as long as I can remember’, he says, ‘I’ve had trouble starting things. I have great ideas and good intentions, but actually committing to that very first step made me nervous.

‘For a long time I didn’t realise what I was doing. I’d just enjoy letting the ideas swim around my brain while I found other things to do.’

Getting Started

In a bid to overcome his own inertia, and to help people facing similar creative block, Crutchley has authored The Art of Getting Started, a playful guide to turning your ideas into reality.

The book features a series of exercises, created and illustrated by Crutchley, that aim to spark creative thinking.

Getting Started

Occasionally veering into self-help territory, there are motivational quotations from the likes of Michael Jordan and Sebastian Vettel.

But the verve and charm of Crutchley’s illustrations generally come to the rescue – even when he’s suggesting that you dance or practice speaking in a foreign accent.

Getting Started

As Crutchley emphatically says, ‘Turning ideas into real things is not the easy bit.’

The Art of Getting Started, by Lee Crutchley, is published by Simon & Schuster priced at £8.99.

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