The People launches Pinterest-style site where readers control the news

The Sunday People newspaper has today launched an online Pinterest-style People website, where story hierarchy is determined by public voting.

The Sunday People online

The website, at, has been designed by an in-house digital team, led by publisher Sue Douglas and editor in-chief Joely Carey, and the concept has informed the look.

Carey says, ‘This was a concept born out of trying to make the site look and feel different from traditional news websites. This isn’t a traditional news website, so we wanted to make that distinction very clearly.

‘From the outset we wanted this to be a visually stimulating product, I come from a magazine background where the look of the product and the presentation of the content, is just as important as the content itself. So far we feel the tone of the content and the design of the product is a seamless fit.’

People owner Trinity Mirror says, ‘Unlike its rivals, the People it isn’t a rolling news website; it’s more of a news companion.

‘Throughout the day it will deliver snapshots about news, sport, style, politics, entertainment and science alongside entertainment content.  In fact, you could call it a “cheat’s guide” to the world. It’s the need-to-know news of the day bolstered by witty and irreverent content.’

The Sunday People online

The identity at the top of the site flashes up words that prefix People, including ‘Famous, Funny, Real, Glam, Foodie, Fast and Sporty.’

It has been positioned as ‘a site with content that has mass appeal to people who want to be informed andentertained. In other words, they don’t take themselves too seriously,’ according to Trinity Mirror which says the People website is part of the publisher’s drive to ‘increase the company’s digital footprint.’

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