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1. Ryanair is replacing its ‘loud’ website with new, cleaner design created in-house.


Source: Vance Shtraikh

2. Sony is raising the stakes in the wearable technology sector, lodging a patent application for a ‘SmartWig’ .


3. The Pearson Lloyd-led redesign of hospital A&E departments has cut aggression by half, according to a new study .

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Mulberry store design, by Universal Design Studio
Mulberry store design, by Universal Design Studio

‘I was invited to join the management board at Mulberry in 2008 and left in 2012. Over five years turnover tripled and the share price rose from £1.50 to a high of £26.00; that’s what designers can bring to a company at board level.’ Construct’s Georgia Fendley provides a pretty convincing answer to our question ‘What can designers bring to a company at board level?’

Image of the week


It’s a laser cat statue . Created by Barcelona-based Hungry Castle for next year’s ADC Festival in Miami. It will project it’s own art show through its huge beaming eyes on to walls, canvases or pavements. Those contributing artwork to the cat include Milton Glaser and Jon Burgerman. I don’t think there’s much more we can add…

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Designer Breakfasts

This week’s Designer Breakfast event, which featured Vodafone creative director Sharon Zimmerli and SomeOne’s David Law, is well worth a watch. It’s archived o YouTube here .

Design stories in the national press

The BBC takes a look at the 40-year-old Enfield Thunderbolt – an electric car ahead of its time.

The Daily Telegraph visits architect Sir Terry Farrell at his home in a former Spitfire factory in central London.

The Independent asks if a ban on cigarette branding will lead to minimalist packaging designs having a cachet in their own right.

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