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1. We investigate how Barclays, Capita, Xerox and other companies are using design to improve their business performance.


2. Sainsbury’s is rolling out a new-look Basics range, with designs by BrandMe.


3. Royal College of Art dean of the School of Communication Neville Brody has led an overhaul of the RCA website.

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Graham McCallum

‘Believe in your fucking self, Stay up all fucking night, Work outside your fucking habits, Know when to fucking speak up, Fucking collaborate, Don’t fucking procrastinate, Get over your fucking self, Keep fucking learning, Form follows fucking function, A computer is a Lite-Brite for bad fucking ideas, Find fucking inspiration everywhere, Fucking network, Educate your fucking client, Trust your fucking gut, Ask for fucking help, Question fucking everything, Have a fucking concept, Learn to take fucking criticism, Make me fucking care, Use fucking spell check, Do your fucking research, Sketch more fucking ideas, The problem contains the fucking solution, Think about all the fucking possibilities.’ Broadcast design legend and Kemistry founder Graham McCallum offers his advice to those starting out in design.

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We’re loving the work of record sleeve designer Leif Podhajsky at the moment. You can see more of his work for Toy, Mount Kimbie, Bonobo and others in our Q&A interview.

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Bob Dylan

This interactive video for Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone is beyond excellent.

Design stories in the national press

Gordon Reid

Source: @middleboop

Get well soon to DW pal and illustrator Gordon Reid, who broke his arm wrestling X-Factor boy-band Kingsland Road. More (gory) details in the Daily Star.

Channel 4 have seen some similarities between the ‘the most purple house in Britain’ and Pantone 2685c purple, which Cadbury attempted to trademark for its chocolate packaging.

The BBC reports on non-league football club Fleet Spurs, who have been forced to change their badge after Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur said it was too similar to theirs.

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