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1. Cardiac surgeons have conducted a series of operations while guided by a 3D holographic image of the patient’s heart . The move has been hailed as ‘the future of healthcare’.

Oxford Street

2. Christmas is coming, and Portuguese consultancy Castros is decorating London’s Oxford Street with its ‘snowfall’ concept . The consultancy won a £1.2 million tender for the project.

White Lyan

3. Bow and Arrow has created the branding for new east London bar White Lyan . The consultancy has designed right through to the packaging of White Lyan drinks, which will be sold at the bar.

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Quote of the week

‘Jessie Ware asked me to make her as sexy as a box of chocolates, I love chocolates!’ The always quotable Kate Moross speaking at the excellent Design Manchester 13 conference.

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Horrifying monster paper-cuts by Brighton illustrator Eelus. Part of our spooky Halloween design roundup…

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The New York Times has done another of its interactive online feature stories, looking at a dispute over a tiny submerged reef in the South China Sea. It’s a bit of a corker.

Design stories in the national press

The Guardian reports on Morag Myerscough’s east London beach ball, which was dislodged by Monday’s St Jude Storm and briefly bounced around the Old Street roundabout before deflating.

Architect Angus McDonagh claims that for years he’s been designing and using his own stamps, which feature his own face. The Mirror has a slideshow of his work.

The Indepedent has a nice obituary of type designer Michael Harvey, whose work appears, among other places, on the National Gallery’s stairs.

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