Google continues overhaul with Calendar app redesign

Google has relaunched its Calendar app as part of a design overhaul of its apps.

The redesigned Calendar app follows the release of Google’s Inbox email app last month.

Both Inbox and Calendar use Google’s new Material design language. The Material guidelines were unveiled in June and feature updated colours, icons, typography and imagery specifications.

The new Calendar ties in with Google Inbox and can turn emails into calendar events, for example if you buy concert tickets or book flights. These stay updated in real-time, for example if the flight is delayed.

The new Schedule view features photos and maps of the places you’re going, as well as illustrations of everyday events such as dinner, drinks and yoga. Google product manager Ian Leaders says: “These images will bring a little extra beauty to your day.”

Google worked with consultancy B-Reel on the launch.

B-Reel, which also worked on the new Inbox app launch, says it worked on product positioning, brand development and initial icon explorations for the Calendar, while the final icon was created by Google’s in-house team.

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