Jean Jullien’s New York

London’s Kemistry Gallery is set to host its second show by prolific illustrator Jean Jullien, whose work can currently be seen on TfL and Eurostar campaigns and elsewhere.

US is a collection of work produced by Jullien while living in London and New York. It follows his Allo show at Kemistry in February 2013.

Jullien says the new works focus on his interest in people, living together and the odd moments we see during our everyday lives.

He says: “It’s about the small changes we go through together, capturing the funny moments we often miss or take for granted.”

Jean Jullien’s US will be the final show at Kemistry’s current gallery at 43 Charlotte Road, with the space set to be closed and redeveloped.

Kemistry is seeking funds as it aims to relaunch as the UK’s first not-for-profit gallery space dedicated to graphic design. You can contribute to Kemistry’s fighting fund through its Kickstarter campaign.

Jeanu Jullien US is at Kemistry Gallery, 43 Charlotte Road, London EC2A, from 4 December-January 2015.

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