New Mi-Pay identity aims to “cut out the tech speak”

Payment service Mi-Pay, which specialises in areas including prepay mobile top-ups and international calling, has launched a new identity that aims to “cut through the market tech speak”.

The new Mi-Pay identity has been developed with SomeOne and SomeOne/Else, and is based around the use of a hyphen as a “connector” to create short simple phrases.

For example, SomeOne says, “Comprehensive indemnification, fraud prevention and zero fraud loss solutions, used to control the fraud levels on the system”, becomes “Risk-Free”.

The consultancy says this new system also enables Mi-Pay to create “graphically ownable” phrases.


For example financial statements use the phrase “Mi-Numbers and Mi-Words, while business cards say “Nice-to meet you”.

Someone executive creative director Gary Holt says: “For a B2B, or even B2B2C business, whose communications to customers are often few and far between, we needed every touchpoint, every presentation, every word to work as hard as possible.”

Someone/Else creative director Dave Dunlop says the new Mi-Pay website has been created as “a simple homepage with an elevator pitch and three key benefits for both the customer and their end-customer.”

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