Studio Hansa helps France’s Canal+ celebrate “30 Ans”

Studio Hansa has helped French broadcaster Canal+ celebrate its 30th birthday by designing a series of idents featuring French personalities interacting with a monochrome set.

The initial proposition for the project was ‘30 for 30’, whereby 30 scenes featuring 30 different celebrities would be shot.

Studio Hansa storyboarded these scenarios but the project quickly grew and more celebrities got involved.

In the end 40 scenes were storyboarded, worked out and then shot over four days in the summer.     

Studio Hansa says: “Bucking the convention of spending all money and effort on one bombastic piece of communication, we thought it would be more of a testament to thirty years of quality to create thirty pieces of varied content. As it turned out we ended up creating more.”

The final pieces for the “30 Ans” campaign feature the likes of former Eurotrash presenter Antoine De Caunes, Amelie actor Jemel Debbouze, and French World Cup winner Christophe Dugarry.

The London-based Studio Hansa says it had to “swot up” on the celebrities and programming by the broadcaster from the last 30 years. 

There was some ad-libbing on set. The scene featuring Debbouze, who is also a comic, saw him clambering over a number 30, which he then accidentally broke.

Studio Hansa art director Gary Roberts says: “We just kept rolling and got him to do a Charlie Chaplin-esque embarrassed reaction.”

The celebrities were all styled in black in white high-end fashion brands and Studio Hansa worked with Direction Artistique Canal+ on set design, direction and production.

Music was composed by Kavinsky, who is known for the Nightcall track from the film Drive.

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