Lehni decorates the AA

The Architectural Association School of Architecture is hosting an afternoon of shows and talks by Swiss designer Jürg Lehni today.

Beginning at 2.30pm, Lehni will spray a room at the AA with typographical references from Ernst and Peter Neufert’s Architect’s Data, using his spraypaint device Hektor. He will then move to the gallery to paint architectural drawings on the walls. This is followed by a talk at 7.30pm tonight.

The event is part of the association’s ongoing exhibition Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design, which aims to explore the shared lineage between graphic design and architecture. The show is curated by graphic designer Zak Kyes, art director of the AA.

The exhibition and today’s event take place at the AA, 36 Bedford Square, London WC1. Forms of Inquiry runs until 31 October.

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