Poke in push for WWF

The World Wildlife Fund in the UK is working with digital consultancy Poke on its first major lobbying campaign, calling for a stronger Climate Change Bill, due to be read out to Parliament in November.

The WWF is calling on the Government to include emissions from international aviation and shipping in the bill.

Poke won a four-way pitch in August, having demonstrated both on- and off-line ideas to help raise public awareness and gather support.

One of the central campaign ideas that Poke came up with was to create a giant boat and plane constructed from bamboo and paper, which lobbyists will carry to London’s Trafalgar Square, to coincide with the reading of the Bill in Parliament. The boat and plane will carry the names of all supporters.

Poke commissioned designer James Zafar to create the models, while set construction group Walk the Plank, led by John Wassell, will work on their construction.

Poke has also created a microsite for the campaign at www.wwf.org.uk/getonboard, where the progress of the models can be tracked, as well as providing information and recording support.

Poke will ‘seed’ the campaign through social networking sites Youtube, Facebook and targeted blogs to recruit support.

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