Designhouse promotes John-Paul Hunter

Designhouse has appointed John-Paul Hunter as creative director in a reshuffle and expansion drive that will see two new posts created at the Surrey-based consultancy.

Hunter has been promoted from his former position as design director, which remains vacant. He replaces Paul Porral, who left in July to join John Lewis as creative director.

Designhouse is looking to recruit a new senior designer and account manager, following which the design director position will be filled, says Hunter.

Hunter’s appointment brings a shift in focus for the design group. ‘We’re concentrating more on corporate brand identity,’ he says. ‘We’re finding ourselves inundated with work.’

Hunter maintains that Designhouse’s strategy is a typical approach among similar consultancies in the current economic climate.

He says, ‘What I’m hearing is that independent companies are doing well. People are streamlining down and there is work there, although certain clients are being a little more cautious.’

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