Lewis creates Scottish Provident Web campaign

Lewis Creative Consultants has designed Scottish Provident’s latest online marketing campaign, which launches today.

The life insurance and financial services company appointed Lewis to create a series of Web banners for it last month. There was no pitch for the contract, the Edinburgh-based consultancy having worked for Scottish Provident for the past eight years.

Scottish Provident briefed Lewis to produce a campaign ‘reassuring customers that during these uncertain times, the company is committed to providing protection for them’, says a spokeswoman for the design group.

Lewis’ campaign features Flash-animated banners depicting a tree undergoing the changing cycle of the seasons – an image intended to convey the current economic environment.

The banner will run on www.ftadvisor.com, www.moneymarketing.co.uk and www.ifaonline.co.uk until the end of November.

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