Slovenia’s Bio festival kicks off

The Slovenian industrial design festival Bio opens today in the province of Ljubljana.

The Slovenian industrial design festival Bio opens today in the province of Ljubljana.

Now in its 21st year, Bio’s focus this year is on inclusive design projects.

A series of events examining issues of sustainability will accompany an exhibition of industrial design from 18 countries.

Tomorrow, writer and essayist Victor Margolin will give a series of lectures entitled The Culture of Sustainability, in which he examines risk-taking in eco-design.

The Capacity For Change symposium on 20 October will discuss the European Commission’s recent declaration that in 2009, ‘Europe needs to boost its capacity for creativity and innovation’.

This evening, prizes will be awarded for three sets of honours including the Bio Gold Medals, the Bio Good Design Awards, and the Bio Honourable Mentions at Fuzine Castle, Ljubljana.

A judging panel comprises Iva Babaja, vice-president of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations; Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan, senior project officer at the Hong Kong Design Institute; Paulo Maldonado, lecturer at the Technical University of Lisbon; Johna Valcke, founding member of the World Craft Council in Flanders and Margolin.

The Bio exhibition runs until 2 November at the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana, Fuzine Castle in Slovenia.

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