Woodgate and Barnard create bicycle

The collaboration between Terence Woodgate and John Barnard continues, with news that they are working together on a fold-up bicycle intended for mass production.

Following the launch of the Surface table (pictured) earlier this year, they are also planning to work together on projects for Established & Sons, Design Week can exclusively reveal.

Although the bike design is still in its conceptual stage, the pair will be talking to potential manufacturers ‘in the next couple of weeks’, and hope to strike a deal to create a run of ‘thousands’, explains furniture designer Woodgate.

Designed for men and women, the bike is intended for urban use by commuters. Although there is no indication of price, ‘the bike will certainly be high-end’, he says, arguing that the congestion charge and people’s environmental concerns are motivating demand for fold-up bikes.

Woodgate and Formula One designer Barnard’s objective is to create a lighter, more efficient and cleaner fold-up bike. ‘We want to make sure that people can’t trap their fingers in hinges, that there is no dirty chain exposed and that mud guards are fitted so you don’t get a line up your back,’ says Woodgate.

The design will make extensive use of carbon fibre, the preferred material of Barnard, who introduced the first carbon-fibre monocoque design to McLaren and Ferrari Formula One cars.

Woodgate says that he and Barnard will ‘most definitely’ be working together again, and reveals that they are involved in two furniture projects for Established & Sons. The pair created the limited-edition Surface table for the furniture manufacturer last year, launching it at the Milan furniture fair in April (DW 5 March).

A set of elliptical tables, which were scheduled to launch at London Design Festival, is now being produced for Established & Sons.

Woodgate believes that they will be launched in three months. These have been produced using a tool that acts as a negative cavity for the carbon-fibre table to be created in.

Woodgate and Barnard are also working on the conceptual design of an ‘aesthetically light’ chair for Established & Sons, which they aim to launch at the Milan fair next spring.


• Furniture designer Terence Woodgate and racing car designer John Barnard met through the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry, both being Royal Designers

• Barnard designed the first carbon-fibre monocoque in Formula One. Woodgate and Barnard’s designs use similar carbon-fibre technology today

• Barnard is currently technical director for Team KR, a motorcycle team that compete in the Moto GP series

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