Blue Bark logo for energy-efficiency firm

Consultancies Blue Bark and Deep Simple have created the identity for Victeri, a company that helps improve the energy efficiency of Victorian homes.

Appointed following a credentials pitch in August, Blue Bark was tasked with designing a logo for the company. It worked with Deep Simple, which developed a brand strategy.

The company will offer energy audits, surveys and information on how best to conserve energy in the home, including the development of cost-sharing schemes for residents in terraced housing. 

The consultancy developed an identity based on ‘the colour palette of thermal imaging’, says Ben Walsh, partner at Blue Bark. ‘We wanted to portray the idea of neighbourhoods working together, through rows of houses, focusing on doors, making the company look friendly and welcoming.’

The identity, which begins to roll out today, will be followed by a website and direct-mail campaign launching at the end of October.

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