Code Computer Love creates website for online tailor

Code Computer Love has created a new website for fashion label Innova, which uses 3D body-scanning technology to provide an automated tailoring service.

Appointed directly in 2000, shortly after the company was set up, the consultancy was initially asked to create a CD-ROM to visualise the 3D technology used by the company, before a brief was developed to create an e-commerce website.

Innova has spent nine years honing and patenting body-scanning technology which will be used to take customers’ measurements and make a ‘virtual body shape’.

Through the website, which launches today, customers will be able to log on, accessing their personal measurements to order tailored clothing. 

Louis Georgiou, operations director at Code Computer Love, says, ‘We’ve been through four iterations of the site – the latest being an own-brand, fashion-oriented shift.’

Style, fabric and cut can be manipulated on the 3D rendering. ‘You can change linings and even add and remove details like pockets,’ says Georgiou.

The next development on the site will be a service that can recommend garments based on skin tone.

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