Dyson launches bladeless fan

James Dyson today launches a brand new product, the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan, which does away with traditional fan blades.

Dyson claims that his product improves on ordinary fans by providing a steady flow of air.

The device uses technology similar to that of jet engines to draw air into the base of the machine, before accelerating the air across an aerofoil-shaped ramp. As it crosses the ramp, the air draws more air from behind the fan, ‘amplifying’ it by 15 times.

Instead of the handful of different speed settings that traditional fans have, Dyson’s product features a dimmer switch. The product design brand also claims that the fan can be easily turned and adjusted, since it is bottom heavy.

Dyson claims that he has ‘always been disappointed by fans’, because of their blades, which cause ‘annoying buffeting’ and are difficult to clean.

The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan is priced at £199.

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  • mark November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    presumably there are blades of sorts in the base then to draw the air in?

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