Government pumps £80m into innovative technologies

The Government is investing £82.5m to develop innovative new technologies in fields such as regenerative medicine, transport and logisitics, and low-carbon housing.

The grant has been announced at Innovate 09, the Technology Strategy Board’s annual showcase event.

A total of £39.5m is being invested in six new research and development calls over the next six months, which businesses including designers are being urged to take part in.

The six calls are to develop regenerative medicine and healthcare, achieve energy efficiency in buildings, fight infectious disease through detection, increase crop yields while limiting environmental impact, create intelligent transport systems and services, and develop new sustainable agriculture and food innovation programmes.

Tenders for all six initiatives have either launched or will launch in the next six months.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson says, ‘Driving innovation in these areas where the UK has strength and competitive advantage will speed our recovery and help deliver a strong economy coming out of the global downturn.’

Dr Graham Spittle, chairman of the TSB, says, ‘This year we are placing particular emphasis on innovation in the critical areas of energy, low-carbon technologies, life sciences and the digital economy.’

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