Harrison designs public sector ‘company credit card’

Brighton-based consultancy Harrison has redesigned the Government Procurement Card, which acts in a similar way as a company credit card for public-sector workers.

Tens of thousands of the cards are in circulation, and they are available to publicsector workers, such as those in healthcare or education. The consultancy was appointed in the spring after presenting credentials.

The client is organisation Buying Solutions, which is run by the Office of Government Commerce, which itself is an office of the Treasury.

Harrison has previously worked on credit-card designs for Barclaycard. The consultancy’s creative director, Chris Harrison, says, ‘The client was keen to appoint a group that had previous experience of credit card design.’

The Government Procurement Card has been redesigned to feature a lined white graphic behind the embossed numbers, which means that they will still be legible even when the chrome on the numbers wears off.

A silver chip is being used instead of the original gold one.

The royal coat of arms could be substituted, according to Harrison, with client marques, like the name of a university or hospital. He adds, ‘This project was similar to stamp design – we had to consider the royal connection, and also incorporate UK elements.’

The new card will launch in February 2010.

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