Kemistry rebrands entertainment TV channels

Kemistry has been appointed to rebrand broadcaster Chello Zone’s entertainment channels, which will launch under new names in the UK in November.

Chellomedia International – owner of the channels – has formed a joint venture with broadcaster CBS Studio, which will lend its name to the set of channels when they are rebranded. 

Kemistry is to overhaul each channel and its +1 sister channel. Zone Thriller will become CBS Action, Zone Reality will become CBS Reality, Zone Romantica will become CBS Drama, but Zone Horror will remain the same when the channels relaunch on 16 November.

According to Omar Honigh-Csizmadia, managing director at Kemistry, ‘These could be descriptor names for the moment – we may be giving the channels other names. We’re looking at developing several of the channels further.’

This will be the first time that channels carrying the CBS name have aired outside the US.

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