Lloyd Northover creates Infiniti car showroom

Lloyd Northover has designed the flagship European showroom for US car brand Infiniti, which opens today in Reading.

The consultancy has been working with the brand for the past two years to define its European brand experience, stretching from the graphic identity through to touchpoints and the retail environment.

The Reading showroom is the first of a planned 14 across the UK, according to Lloyd Northover senior architectural designer Ian Hendricks.

Hendricks says the showroom’s interior takes cues from the interiors of the luxury cars, while the use of minimal structure allows plenty of light into the building.

As well as providing brand guardianship for Infiniti across 15 counties, Lloyd Northover has also been appointed to Rymco UK, which will sell Infiniti cars in the UK, to provide lead and architectural design services.

Hendricks says, ‘The quality of the finished article will provide Rymco with an oustanding facility from which to serve a busy region for years to come.’

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