Parc Signs develops ‘eco pod’ for retail park

Parc Signs has created an ‘eco pod’ for Clarks Village in Street, Somerset, in a bid to show the retail park’s Green credentials.

The consultancy, which is retained by Clarks Village, was asked ‘to come up with something to celebrate its eco achievements, including carbon offsetting and recycling,’ says Parc Signs senior designer Andrew Hampton.

Opening to the public next Tuesday, the pod will cast a Bluetooth cloud over the premises to alert customers to offers, allowing the company to stop using paper leaflets.

Interactive games on the pod will ‘educate’ children on recycling and energy efficiency.

‘Kids can chase lights up a board, and they stop at things like leaking taps to show information about water saving. When complete, information on how much water the store saves will be displayed,’ says Hampton.

The pod, powered by solar panels, will also provide information for adults using the shopping centre.

The structure is largely made up of recycled materials, including 80 per cent recycled glass and locally sourced, sustainable timber.

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