Bauer Media pilots ‘Grazia for men’

Gazzetta, a new in-house-designed sister title to Grazia, has been published today in pilot form by Bauer Media, covering men’s news and style.

The design has been led by Grazia creative director John Clayton-Jones and Car magazine art director Andy Franklin.

A 60-page sampler is being given away from today in Bauer titles and free newspapers City AM and Metro. The new magazine offers a 50/50 split between news and style.

Clayton-Jones and Franklin say they were given creative freedom on the project but Clayton-Jones stresses it was important to create the look of a ‘premium weekly’ without making it look like a monthly.

The sampler has a ‘simple’ design, Franklin says, and uses La Police and Berthold Akzidenz serif fonts.

Red and off-white colours are used commonly throughout but there is a main primary colour palette, which Franklin describes as ‘quite poppy’. The back and front also use black and yellow.

The design does have ‘hints of Grazia’, says Clayton-Jones, who says he moved away from early designs which he found to be too similar to the women’s weekly title.

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