Dowling Duncan wins dollar bill redesign competition

Dowling Duncan has won the competition to redesign the dollar bill organised by New York-based creative consultant Richard Smith.

New York-based graphic designer Ani Ardzivian won second place and New Jersey-based Web designer Sean Flanagan was award the third-place prize.

Entrants were briefed to redesign the US dollar in any way appropriate, but were encouraged to see the task as a branding project and so define or redefine what ‘American’ stands for in their work.

Smith, who is Dollar Redesign Project campaign president, wrote on the project’s website, ‘Our great “rival”, the Euro, looks so spanky in comparison. It seems the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign.’

Dowling Duncan’s winning notes featured images of Barack Obama on the $1 note, US scientific advances on the $20 and the American eagle on the $50 note. The consultancy chose to create a vertical format note to reflect how money is distributed from cash machines and varied the length of the note to allow visually impaired people to better distinguish between notes.

Ardzivian chose to focus on US social history rather than former presidents, whereas Flanagan’s design featured George Washington.

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