Dragon Rouge brands ‘adult’ milk drink

Dragon Rouge has named, branded and created the packaging for Modern Milk, a new milk product aimed at the adult consumer.

Modern Milk is produced by Irish dairy co-operative Lakeland Dairies, which is launching the brand into the UK market.

Dragon Rouge says it was tasked with developing branding and designs that would ‘encourage the adult consumer to “rethink milk” and put it back on their radar’.

The consultancy was appointed after meeting representatives from Lakeland Dairies at a seminar on food trends run by Dragon Rouge in 2008.

The consultancy says, ‘The distinctive black logo, the white background and simple colour-coding gives it a sophisticated adult appeal while the “unisex” cow character adds a light-hearted touch that makes Modern Milk engaging for young men and women alike.’

Modern Milk comes in four different flavours: lush banana and honey, ripe raspberry, smooth coffee with a hint of vanilla and milk chocolate with a hint of golden caramel.

Simon Muschamp, head of marketing at Lakeland Dairies, says, ‘The objective was to achieve a great-tasting range of products with sophisticated flavour combinations that would appeal to the adult against a backdrop of good health and nutrition.’

The product launches this month in McColl’s convenience stores, before rolling out to other retailers.

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