Easy Tiger Creative designs research exhibition at British Library

Easy Tiger Creative design consultancy has developed the concept and design for the Growing Knowledge – the Evolution of Research exhibition at the British Library in London.

The exhibition will showcase the latest research tools in an interactive environment.

Easy Tiger worked with Clive Izard, head of creative services at the British Library, to develop the exhibition, which aims to inspire visitors and consult them on the research services they would like to see at the library in the future.

Information is delivered through a series of projections, animations and digital signage rather than traditional graphic panels.

Brenda Lardner, director at Easy Tiger Creative, says, ‘The design reflects the organic nature of digital research using an abstracted dandelion motif throughout, representing a virtual research journey.’

The exhibition will feature multimedia research workstations with large touchscreens, enabling users to explore futuristic research tools such as digital maps, linked data and live crowd-sourcing.

Aleks Krotoski, Growing Knowledge’s researcher-in-residence, says, ‘Just as the world is speaking through online connections and networks, the research community also needs to understand and embrace these tools of the future for the greater good.’

Growing Knowledge runs until 16 July 2011.

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