Get warm

With the nights drawing in and temperatures dipping, there are few better ways to (ahem) warm your cockles than at one of Warm’s world-renowned club nights.

Now, as showcased at Warm’s 11th birthday party at London’s Corsica Studios last Saturday, the DJ, events and management agency’s nights have added another string to their bow with the addition of stunning live visuals courtesy of Jack Featherstone.

Warm poster by Featherstone

Featherstone has been designing flyers and posters for Warm for a year before moving on to the live visuals, and the collaboration is, it seems, a match made in heaven. 

Featherstone explains, ‘In my final year at Chelsea I was commissioned to create tour visuals for the Count and Sinden. Not long after I had finished college Matt Tillett got in contact to say that he had seen my work in the show and really liked it. He told me that his brother ran Warm (Ali), I was like “Man that’s my favourite night in London, I have to meet him!”’

By Featherstone
By Featherstone

Given free reign with the visual brief, Featherstone takes his cues for the design from the music itself. He says, ‘For me music is about experience and emotion. I try and reflect this in my work by creating pieces that I find emotive, employing strong use of colour and bold forms.’

Although Featherstone’s foray into live visual design has seen him jet off to Lisbon to VJ, the move from 2D wasn’t always something he envisaged.  He says, ‘In my final year at college I did my dissertation on the use of representational imagery within live audio visuals shows.

Flyer by Featherstone
Flyer by Featherstone

‘After I finished the dissertation I said that I would never make visuals or VJ, I was so sick of thinking about them that I kind of lost interest. But soon after the Count And Sinden got in contact just when I needed to come up with a final major project idea. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to put all that theory from my dissertation into practice.’

So with New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, what can we expect for the visuals?

‘I’ll try and make some new footage for the night, but it can be super time consuming!’ he says.  ‘Maybe I’ll limit my colour palette and do something a bit more minimal.’

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