Lee Broom works on Nightjar cabaret bar

Lee Broom has created the interior concept for new London cabaret bar The Nightjar.

The new underground venue, which opens on London’s City Road in November, will feature live music and performance inspired by the iconic era of cabaret in Germany’s Weimar Republic.

Broom was appointed by The Nightjar co-owner Edmund Weil in April, after he was recommended to the project.

Broom was briefed to develop the interiors concept inspired by American speakeasy bars, French café culture, Adolf Loos’ iconic American Bar in Vienna and a combination of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, say Weil.

The interiors will feature Art Deco furniture, rosewood panelling, mirrored friezes, a tin roof ceiling and brass fixtures. The bar’s main focal point will be two backlit Art Deco mirrors and holophane pendant lamps from the 1920s.

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